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Nonassociative Algebras and Geometry

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Moufang Loops/Malcev Algebras

Loops in general



Gauge Theory


Quantum Mechanics/QFT

  • Schrodinger Equation for Nonassociative Quantum Mechanics and No Go Theorem - S. Okubo

  • Nonassociative Quantum Mechanics via Flexible Lie Admissible Algebra - S. Okubo

  • Nonassociative Quantum Mechanics and Strong Correspondence Principle - S. Okubo

  • Nonassociative Quantum Field Theory - Liebmann
  • Toy Models of a Nonassociative Quantum Mechanics - v. Dzhunushaliev
  • QCD


  • Geodesic multiplication as a Tool for Classical and Quantum Gravity - P. Kuusk, E. Paal
  • Operadic curvature as a tool for gravity - E. Paal
  • Nonassociative geometry: Towards discrete structure of spacetime - A. I. Nestrov, L. V. Sabinin
  • Non-associative geometry and discrete structure of spacetime - A. I. Nestrov, L. V. Sabinin
  • Alternative-Algebra Methods in the Special Theory of Relativity - E. K. Loginov


  • Albert's Page

  • LOOPS Computing with Quasigroups and Loops in GAP - G. P. Nagy, P. Vojtechovsky


  • Theory of Multicodimensional (n + 1)-webs - V. V. Gol'dberg

    Not classified (yet)

  • Ternary Algebras as the basis of a dynamical Theory of Subconstituents - I. Bars

  • emis.de/proceedings/7ICDGA ... sabinin.ps

  • Speciality and Deformations of Algebras - I. P. Shestakov

  • Decomposition of a Variety of Alternative Algebras into a Subvariety Product - V. T. Filippov

  • Local Algebras of a Multidimensional Three-Web - M. A. Akivis

  • Binary Lie Algebras of Small Dimensions - E. N. Kuzmin

  • Classification Of Flexible Composition Algebras 2 - S. Okubo

  • Classification Of Flexible Composition Algebras 1 - S. Okubo

  • Dimension and Classification of General Composition Algebras - S. Okubo

  • Construction of Nonassociative Algebras from Representation Modules of Simple Lie Algebras - S. Okubo

  • Local Ternary Quasigroups associated with a 4-Web of Multidimensional Surfaces - V. V. Gol'dberg

  • Co-Addition for free non-associative Algebras and the Hausdorff Series - L. Gerritzen, R. Holtkamp


    Related topics: Quaternions, Octonions, Sedenion, Geometric Algebra, Hypercomplex Numbers